The Human Evolution Research Organisation ( H.E.R.O ) is made up of scientist that work on projects that push the humans physical and mental evolution past their limits. The serum was designed to enhance any ability one already excelled in thus every test subject reacted differently to the serum.

One of the lead scientists on the project, Dr Aden Montigo, believed if this should work the public has the right to know and use the serum, everyone deserves the power! H.E.R.O disagreed because they believe society would not be able to handle the serum.

Dr Aden stole the serum formula and escape H.E.R.O tower. His goal? To expose the serum by injecting himself and his followers that share his believe.

After this a protocol was set into action using the serum to create superheros which form the H.E.R.O League, their prime objective, silence Dr Aden and his followers! Powers can not be shown to the outside world and it must be kept that way at any cost!
- Peter Kane CEO H.E.R.O

Attacking H.E.R.O

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